Robins guarding their domain

When I go out to my garden to deliver vegetable scraps to the compost bin, robins send out urgent warnings.  There must be one or more nests back there this year.  Yesterday I stayed  still and aimed my phone camera high. Moving is not an option as these very sensitive birds retreat back into the trees. The robins shown in my photos are not sharply focused so I hope you also enjoy viewing the trunks and branches of an evergreen forest.



This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge celebrates Earth.  To see more nature photos, please click on the challenge link.

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3 thoughts on “Robins guarding their domain

    1. Thank you Denis. The first photo is cedar … the second I think of as spruce, but it could be pine…I think there are a few related species around here. I looked up Australian Cypress pines and I can see a similarity.


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