Sasquatch hunting


Statue of Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch,at roadside attraction along state highway 504, east of Silver Lake, Washington; photo by Plazak

Hunters chase legends of a giant creature,

Combing backwoods of the wild NorthWest,

Serving stories from the depths of nature.

Hunters track legends of a giant creature,

with thick matted hair on tall hard features,

Big footprints brace seekers’ quest.

Hunters chase legends of a giant creature,

Combing backwoods of the wild NorthWest.

I used the Secretkeeper’s Writing Prompt words in this poem: woods, legend, wild, hard, serveSasquatch, aka Bigfoot, is a North American legendary creature.  There have been sightings and reports over the years… When considering legends as a theme for this poem, I remembered  investigating Sasquatch stories as a child.  I must say that the statue in the photo is the friendliest Bigfoot image that I have ever seen.  If you do go Sasquatch hunting, their favourite foods are said to be bacon, chicken wings, donuts, berries, and apples.

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9 thoughts on “Sasquatch hunting

  1. I have heard people swear the YETI is real, and Sasquatch looks city like Yeti. We also have similar creatures in aboriginal mythology and more recent descriptions in the blue Mountains.

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  2. wonderful one. reminds of a time when i was present at Whatcom County Council meeting in northern Washington (i was doing a video project for public access tv back in the early 90s) when the council passed an ordinance making against the law in Whatcom County to shoot a Sasquatch. Seriously. 🙂

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    1. Bigfoot is real as a longstanding legend at least– and possibly as a living creature, but it is hard to imagine that a creature so large could be so ‘invisible’. That’s what I think, but anything is possible…


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