Sparrows on a rainy morning

On May 1st morning I was surprised and delighted to see birds visiting our bird feeder, despite a vigorous rain shower.

rain showers

sparrows flutter

new day dawning

May showers

sparrows flit

grey clouds lift

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6 thoughts on “Sparrows on a rainy morning

  1. They’re brave little sparrows – or very hungry! I don’t even mind waking early now as I can lie and listen to the lively birdsong heralding the day! Your haikus are lovely reminder of the joys in nature on even a rainy day.

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    1. Thank you Annika — I was surprised to see the birds there — usually the feeders are deserted in wet weather ( or so I thought) I too love hearing the birds.

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  2. Fantastic Haiku Janice, although my bias is to the second one. We have seen sparrows drop in numbers drastically over the last few years. I am trying to work out the connection with climate change as they are an introduced bird.

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    1. Thanks Denis. I’m not sure which I prefer (keeps switching) so I took a ‘workshop’ approach and showed both. I have a feeling many birds are dropping in numbers … I miss cardinals which seem to be becoming very scarce around here.


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