In times of darkness


in times of dread

illuminates a path,

followed, though shadows lurk and


haunt, winding chills down aching spines,

heavily trudging on

toward daylight



Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challege theme this week is ‘Moonlight’ coupled with a Munch painting and prompt words to be used alone or in combination.  I chose to focus on the five words: winding-moonlight-follow-heavily-path.  It was an interesting process to reflect on  moonlight and its role during challenging times.

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12 thoughts on “In times of darkness

  1. “Moonlight,

    in times of dread

    illuminates a path,” — I’ve read these lines 5 times and they still strike me beautiful, poignant and profound all at the same time and those are just the opening lines of your poetic gem 🙂

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  2. There is a certain peace and tranquility about moonlight, that just stops me and for a moment stresses of the world fall into insignificance – you capture this perfectly. May we all find solace! ❤️

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