Spring moon contemplation


Under a full moon Buddha rests,

peaceful statue stone bears moss,

roseheart blossom lanterns glow,

sacred necklace adorns bare chest,

moon-time surges pangs of loss,

bleeding hearts purify to white,

moonlit wisdom of endless flow,

center in flower mala night.

For Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #27: San San, I photographed a framed  greeting card showing a Buddha statue.  It is a picture that offers me a feeling of calm peace — a feeling I needed more than usual this week due to a loss in my extended family.

My poem is a ‘San San’:  many thanks to Jane Dougherty for featuring the form for this week’s challenge.  ‘San San’ means ‘three three’ in Chinese, referring to the form’s repetition of 3 images, 3 times.  The other form requirements are 8 lines with rhyme scheme: a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d.  My three images are full moon, Buddha statue, and bleeding heart flowers.

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11 thoughts on “Spring moon contemplation

    1. Thank you Annika. My poem would be a beginner’s sample of SanSan– for a more fluid sample, you could check out Jane Dougherty’s on her challenge post and she links to another writer with a different style. (her link is on my post)

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