Fresh hope unwinds


Every spring fresh hope unwinds
aromas soft and verdant tones
caressed by breezes gently blown.

Downy branches above entwined
boast tawny lace and feather brush
display of life's relentless crush.

Hungry birds peck morsels of rind
Ants rush in to gather and feed
Meanwhile furry mold tendrils breed.

Mountains shudder tectonic grind
Homo sapiens slap, drill, frack
natural gas to feed smokestacks.

Droughts fertilize presence of mind
Precious aquifers, waters fresh,
prized soil cleaned for organic creche.

Winds of change blowing bane behind
Asthma lifts with less tar and coal
Smog fumes thin with less truck petrol.

World intentions yet to be signed
When minds wed will actions follow?
Could hopeful anthems ring hollow?

Gossamer from a spool unwinds,
Life threads its spiraled mystery,
Spins mirage of eternity.


This poem is an attempted "Constanza" in
response to Jane Dougherty Poetry
Challenge #26: Constanza.  Please 
follow the link to learn more about
this poetic form.

© 2016, All rights reserved by

16 thoughts on “Fresh hope unwinds

  1. Your poem is not only beautiful, it gives a big message and asks for action. Very good. I’d also like to mention that although I have not officially accepted your earlier nomination, I have just posted a thankyou on Between Two Tides. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Denis 🙂 I doubt I would ever have mass appeal 🙂 I do appreciate your enthusiasm for my efforts to speak about these concerns. WordPress is my pond right now and some happy days I have a feeling I am hearing more croaking about these issues around me (that includes you:))

      Liked by 1 person

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