Poetic meanings

Today I am posting my first attempt at a Cleave poem. The form is unusual and interesting–it consists of three poems in one.  The first is on the left in regular typeface, the second is on the right in bold red type and the third poem is the whole, the result of the two smaller poems cleaved together.  In moments of genius, skill, or luck, a writer will manage to ‘cleave’ two contrasting poems.  I didn’t achieve that, but I believe I managed to express two distinct thoughts in the left and right poems.  These thoughts have been percolating in me as I write poems, read others’ poems and as others respond to mine:

A completed poem appears deceptively simple,

a seamless work with hidden depth

not revealing the process that inspires reader and author,

nor the drifting pangs captured to ponder and savour

feeling fragments, images weaving personal meanings,

thoughts tugged into poetry,

words  flourishing in an open field

a visible form of consciousness.

This form of poetry was introduced to me by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #24: ‘Cleave poem’. Please visit her site to read her cleave poem and find links to others.

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25 thoughts on “Poetic meanings

  1. fantastic! I was hoping you’d take up the challenge. I’ve been thinking of trying a cleave poem. So glad to have read yours it’s giving me a push in the creative keester to give this toughie a try. I love the premise you chose. Very clever 🙂

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