Spring fever

This year spring brought a mixture of feelings: restlessness, weariness, and anticipation, to name a few. I searched ‘spring fever’ and discovered that it is a phenomenon with contrasting definitions.  It can be a surge in energy and vitality; or show up as low energy and weariness.  In German there is a word for the weary version: ‘Frühjahrsmüdigkeit’ or ‘spring tiredness’.  Lately, frühjahrsmüdigkeit captured my attention, inspiring me to write a haiku, tanka, and a shadorma that uses The Secret Keeper’s five weekly writing prompt words.


Longing to sleep all morning,

Caught by an old dream.

Dirt piles hug road curbs

yellow matted grass scratches

weary witness pines

strains for signs of fresh green shoots

hungrily aches for sunshine.

Spring induced

signs to muse upon,

patience test,

whine and kick–

no store-bought potion will sooth

soul seeking own way.

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com


13 thoughts on “Spring fever

    1. I’ll try again:) if I experienced the less euphoric type of fever — the restless weary kind–before, I didn’t link it to the change of season.


      1. I think I have found it happen more at this exact time of year – spring is clearly coming but we still have many chilly gray days when you long for sun and warmth – every day! I think it is a recovery from winter more than caused by spring, maybe? That’s what I have attributed the restless feeling too. Impatience with the pace of spring! Interesting to think about.

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    1. Ahh blooming bulbs! Not quite here yet –though saw tips poking up–there have been and will be more hard frosts at night…yet the grass is showing a touch of green 🙂

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  1. My soul “hungrily aches for sunshine”and we got a bit today after two days of snow and freezing winter cold. My “patience is test(ed)” for sure! Love your poems, Janice.

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