Morning frost

My home/household consists of six beings:  2 humans, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. We recently had to adjust our sleeping arrangements, as one of the cats is sick and could be injured if he mingles with other animals.  This poem, about this morning, is my attempt to write a rhythmic rhyming poem in a form called a ‘Nove Otto’ in response to Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #23: Nove Otto.

Crusty morning, frost all around

Chilling a home, not just the ground

Tabby rests, a king on our bed

He’s on meds and needs a safe space

where Mae, Pop, and Bud can’t give chase–

We five crammed  on a couch instead

Tangled stiff is no way to wake

Not enough room for goodness sake

Yet sun melts pain and frost is shed.

©2016, All rights reserved by

14 thoughts on “Morning frost

    1. Yes Oz is an independent character but lately he has become more cuddly since not feeling well and of course having to be kept separate from the other animals he is very eager for visits (while generally he is the most aloof family member). . .


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