March 23 Full Moon

In some cultures, the full moon of each month is given a special name.  At the end of 2015 I discovered that Native North American full moon names speak to my monthly experiences–since I live in the geographical  range of origin, this is not surprising. February full moon is known as  ‘Snow’ moon or ‘Hunger’ moon.  March moon names are: Worm moon, Sap moon, Crow moon, and Crust moon.  Instead of ‘explaining’ these names I present a small poem:

March signs:
worms trail castings
snow crust melts and freezes
maple tree sap flows down spigots
rain falls
hungry black raven crows swoop down
daytime takes over night
robins return
hearts smile.


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12 thoughts on “March 23 Full Moon

    1. Yes who knew? making a point of featuring the full moon each month gives me a chance to savour each collection of names and consider how it fits how I have experienced the month…haven’t really been aware of worm castings before so I’ll have an eye out for them 😉

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      1. I didn’t know until I looked it up for the post… It’s their droppings…waste which looks like little brown balls on the surface of soil. We’ve probably seen it on the ground but just didn’t know what it was. Apparently you can buy bags of it for fertilizing.

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    1. Thank you Denis. I can’t take credit for the shot (caption is a link) but I chose it as large Ravens have swooped in with the coming of spring–just as one of the moon names predicts 🙂


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