A spring serenade

A spring cliché unexpectedly came true for me  yesterday, on the first day of spring.  I saw my first robin for the year! To celebrate the occasion I wrote two haiku:

Perched on a high branch,

red breast unmistakeable,

robin announces spring.

Sight of first robin

serenading open sky

warms a chilly day.


American Robin


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15 thoughts on “A spring serenade

    1. Thanks Olga — I was surprised to see one up in a tree–usually first sightings are on the ground pulling worms. (The pic is a public domain shot so it wasn’t my blue sky but the type of robin and the position on a barren branch depict what I saw)

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      1. I wrote my very first Haiku as a High School 10th grader: Apollo Thirteen… Astronauts fly to the Moon… Hoping for success. Just one day later their fuel cells’ oxygen tank exploded and nearly ended their lives

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