Spring dance–First day of spring!

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Dance’ I  feature dogs dancing and prancing at a local dog park.  And today, March 20, is the first day of Spring, also known as the ‘Spring Equinox’  (Northern Hemisphere) or ‘March Equinox’.  Happy Spring to my northern neighbours and Happy Autumn to my friends in the South. As of today, day and night are roughly equal in length and in the Northern Hemisphere, daylight hours will increase up until Summer Solstice in June.

I took these photos at a local dog park on a sunny day in early March.


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12 thoughts on “Spring dance–First day of spring!

  1. ” Raz śnieg pada,
    A raz deszczyk.
    Na jeziorze
    Lód już trzeszczy.
    Błękit nieba
    Lśni w kałuży,
    Bałwan w słońcu
    Oczy mruży.
    -Koniec zimy.
    -To nie dzwonek.
    To skowronek ! ”
    Wiosna już się przebudziła 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the poem 🙂 Here is the translation my app gave me:
      “Once the snow falls,
      And once drizzle.
      On the lake
      Ice already cracking.
      blue sky
      Shines in a puddle,
      Snowman in the sun
      Squints his eyes.
      -End Winter.
      It’s not a bell.
      It’s a lark! ”
      Spring has awakened 🙂

      Beautiful 🙂

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    1. You are probably alluding to the cold? That day water was melting so temperatures were above zero. When it gets below zero our dogs wear little boots when going out. However most dog owners don’t put their pets in boots–but they reduce time outside. The pictures shown are on a trail that goes around a small wooded section. In front is an open play area. The park is surrounded by fencing so the dogs can run free off leash.


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