Lights out—a monotetra

Been schooled in waste but do my best

Try to conserve, but I’m not blessed

I stumble–fail many a test

Just like the rest, just like the rest.


Bear with me friends I do beseech,

This is a poem, not a speech

Conservation within our reach

don’t want to preach, don’t want to preach.


One day I saw a YouTube clip,

‘Lights on, lights off’–that was their tip

Boring’ I thought, but bit my lip

a brainwash trip, a brainwash trip.


Still I aimed for frugality

by cutting electricity–

‘On-Off’ stuck with tenacity

near mastery, near mastery.


New habits grow from what we do

and major benefits accrue

Lights off taps off–to name a few

will get us through, will get us through.

This poem is a  ‘true story’. I did see a video that showed a finger turning a light switch off over and over–very lame I thought at the time, but surprisingly the image haunted me.  It became my ‘turn off the light’ mental prompt.  I couldn’t find that video, so here is a substitute:

The monotetra poem is this week’s Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge form. For a rundown on the form and to see what other writers did with it, please follow the link.

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22 thoughts on “Lights out—a monotetra

      1. Not sure that I remember but let me use this opportunity to invite you over for the brunch party that’s taking place on my blog as we speak The title is BRUNCH PARTY live link. Do step in and mingle with other bloggers 🙂

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  1. This is terrific, Janice – an poetic way to get the green message across. Without even seeing the on/off button I can’t get the image out of my head after reading this. Leaving lights on is one my bugbears and I’m forever asking my son to go up to his room as he leaves it to turn off the three lights in there!

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    1. Glad you like it — when your son grows up his memory of your reminders will make him turn off lights. It’s easy to slip up sometimes. I ‘m very motivated yet still sometimes discover a light left on. Can only try 🙂

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      1. Would love to be a poet but are poet trained, schooled or just plainly gifted. I aint one of the Three scenerio painted


      2. I like to think that thoughts, life experience, reading,writing and a desire to express are sufficient ingredients for writing. That’s where I ‘m coming from.


  2. That is one fine poem! BTW, I have an easy energy conservation tip to pass along. I save one kilowatt hour per day just by unplugging my printer. That may not sound like much but… saving 365 KWH per year can be as if your power company is only billing you for ten out of twelve months! There are plenty of other energy hogs in our homes, too, such as audio / video gear. If those devices have remote controls, it means they are in stand-by mode and eating up electricity even when we’re not using them… and that it’d be a good idea to unplug them.

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