Winter brush in sunlight–Weekly Photo Challenge

The theme this week for the Daily Post Photo Challenge is ‘harmony’. I reviewed photos I took this week and was reminded that we had a few sunny days!  The photos I am posting feature trees and thistle plants. In each, I detect a touch of harmony.  In the first, I am struck by how the spruce grow in groups of two or three.  They appear to huddle in a winter scene.


The next photo features a stand of trees that subtly all seem to lean to the right. I like the brilliant white clouds highlighting the sky in the background.


Finally, I took this picture to feature the thistle in the foreground–they failed to stand out as much as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I feel a kind of harmony in this woodland scene with a frozen marsh and houses in the background.


 ∼ Pictures were taken near Kingston, Ontario, Canada ∼


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