Signs of spring


Snow is still on the ground and the official first day of Spring is two weeks away, but today I had the first feeling that spring is really on its way.  I wrote two haiku–the first, after looking out the window to check the weather.  The second continues my thoughts using prompt words from Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #87.

Wet drops drip slowly,
puddles gleam from the driveway,
It’s above zero.

Above zero days,
March shift, a new weather range,
May this trend stand firm.

The prompt words used in the second haiku are  ‘class’ and ‘firm’ (range=class).  The temperature reference is zero degrees Centigrade.

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12 thoughts on “Signs of spring

    1. Morning tweeting is a sure sign of spring. There are more birds to see too 🙂 lately we’ve seen more Hawks, crows and bluejays–too early for robins though (around here).

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    1. I’ve lost track of what countries use what measurements and then I have my feet in both systems — in the house I think in Fahrenheit –what I grew up with– but outdoors I understand centigrade as that’s how they report the weather. In the garden I still don’t have an intuitional feel for centimeters preferring inches and feet. Interesting about the drops dripping–at first I had drips dropping and then thought that could be confusing….and then who knows 😊


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