Millhaven Creek state of mind

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘State of mind’:

There is a view I’ve been longing to photograph–accessible from a bridge for two-way traffic, only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. The bridge follows an incline and a bend in the road, making visibility less than ideal.  For these reasons, I am reluctant to stand on the bridge, especially with the added complications of ice and snow.  Energized by restlessness and above zero weather (1ºC), I decided to do drive-by photos through my open car window.


Rippled waters rushing,
ice sheets melt

Car window open wide,
I watch
from bridge above.

 Glass ice shimmers,
patchwork patterns

Naked tree branches,
Feast of asymmetry
 graces evening sky.

 Millhaven Creek


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19 thoughts on “Millhaven Creek state of mind

    1. Fleeting is so true — always changing–especially with the temperature fluctuations we’ve been having. That view of the creek is particularly beautiful– though perhaps not so much for people living next to it as it tends to flood–sometimes it can be a third of the width you see in the photo.

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  1. I’ve glimpsed a few spot while driving by that I want to go back to and photograph when the weather is more conducive. Lovely, poetic words to describe your experience of the view.

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