Autumn of life

In response to The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Prompt #25: ‘reach, shot, intense, flaw, spring’):

Take #1: Free form

Autumn of life,
spring of creativity,
childish wonder
still intact,
 within reach,
shot with memories,
broken dreams.
Blinders slipped,
illusions faded,
personal flaws glimmer,
Intense longing
for understanding simmers,
Life vapours
steadily waft to eternity.

Take #2: Nonet

In life's autumn, creativity
springs from fresh opportunities.
Through carved channels and hidden
nooks, brisk waters reach old
and new wisdoms, shots
of folly too,
flaws glimmer

©2016, All rights reserved by

15 thoughts on “Autumn of life

  1. I love both, but particularly the free form. The rawness and truth of stream of consciousness writing can’t be beaten (although for all I know, it may have been long deliberated on). Really interesting to read the structured take on the same ideas too.

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      1. You can use any form you like, even free form I think, but I wanted to try out a form. I find with forms that practice really helps–then they are less in the way. I’ve done very few nonets so it is unlikely that a nonet will just roll out of my head, especially when there are five prompt words to use. This challenge is interesting because it invites not only poems, but also flash fiction–not something I do but I like the idea of an inviting challenge.

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      2. Sounds good- I might check it out, but the more blogs I read, the longer my to do list is becoming of forms to try, challenges to participate in, books to read etc…

        I don’t think I even have time for a haiku this week! but I may try to do just the one for Ronovan’s prompt.

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  2. These lines really struck me: “brisk waters reach old/and new wisdoms”
    I love the idea of there still being freshness and fast-flowing waters in life’s autumn.

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  3. What exceptionally brilliant poems. So expansive to one’s mind – awakening the thoughts – feeding the power. Imagination. Creativity. These give power. Life flows out around us, taking us on journeys, always approaching closer the eternity you mentioned. We laugh. cry, enjoy life, even though the darkness is out their waiting for us to step off – letting go of here – Now. But whose to say what we are going see or be in the presence of when death changes into a new way of being. Just a passing thought of wonder. I love your writing. You did a blow me away presentation for your writing challenge. I can see why you were so enthused by seeing the words. Every word you put upon the page for each poem was necessary – intended – and fit perfectly within the meaning of your poems. Love them both. – jk

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    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 and that’s a good point what lies beyond is yet to be seen. Your prompt words seem to have a life of their own– last week I even noticed people using similar words and thoughts (other than the prompt words). It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week.

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      1. I’m hearing a bit tough at first but then it comes into view what they want to sat. Hope you find what you want to see in the words. Hope I do and everyone else does.The words come to me when they are ready. Can’t explain any other way. Have fun with them.

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      2. So far the words have worked for me.. without forcing which I wouldn’t do.. I write them down .. scribble, examine and a theme comes up.


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