Morning sunlight through a window


Wrapped snug in soft fleece,
Golden sunlight warms my view,
chickadees flit by.

You may notice that the chickadees flitted too quickly to be caught in the photo. The prompt words are ‘tight’ (snug)  and ‘warm’. Please visit the prompt post to find out how you can join in and to find links to other responses to Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Poetry Challenge #85.

9 thoughts on “Morning sunlight through a window

    1. Those little birds are always on the move–they dash from the safety of the woods to the feeder and back again. It would be fun to capture a few smaller birds (smaller than ducks and geese) in a photo this year 🙂

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    1. Thanks Denis–that’s good to know (about seeing an image)–let’s say there is a chickadee shadow–that would be perfect. Maybe one day I’ll try to get a photo when I’m outside by the feeder–they are a bird that will stick around in the presence of humans.


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