Full Snow Moon—February 2016

Today—Monday, February 22—the Full Snow Moon will rise in the night sky over North America. This is my first year tracking the full moon from month to month while learning Native American moon names (according to the Farmer’s Almanac). Last month’s moon was the Wolf Moon. This month it is called  names such as Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, and Storm Moon to reflect heavy snows, difficult hunting, and hungry bellies. This description fits February 2016 in my neck of the woods– it’s been the most snowy month yet—the deep snow we’ve had around here would have made hunting very difficult.

Here are two haiku for the occasion that pull together observations I have made over the last few nights:

Waxing moon
winds howl  over
unyielding snow

Pale snow moon,
winds howl at frozen snow
holding earth hostage

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18 thoughts on “Full Snow Moon—February 2016

    1. Lovely haiku –I can see the picture. Occasionally we hear coy wolves around here. Unfortunately their howls could mean one is caught in a trap –not a pleasant thought.


      1. In Ontario there are hunting regulations… I believe recently they lifted restrictions on hunting coywolves (major kind of Wolf around here) saying that there are too many…an ill-conceived notion and plan. I am not sure how things are handled in the States.

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  1. The Snow Moon was certainly a beauty. We were lucky to get clear skies which doesn’t happen too often these days. Loved your haiku duo. “Holding earth hostage”is so true in our climate. Wonderful post, Janice.

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  2. I recall a book called Thirteen moons on a Turtle’s Back based on Indian lore. Perhaps I ‘ll start being more observant of the moon phases and the Indian names. We have to purposely go to open land to see the moon because of the trees in our neighborhood.

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