Snow Season—Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Seasons’.

For the last three days I have been shovelling–first there was the front walkway and driveway so we could go to town.  Then I had to move huge mounds of snow from the back deck and drainage pipes all around the house. This will not be news to regular readers, as my last post focussed on my experience shovelling 2 to 3-foot snow drifts. Tuesday’s blizzard also brought sub-zero temperatures.  Lake Ontario is finally frozen:



To walk around the perimeter of my house, I wore snowshoes.  This way I sank only one foot down instead of several feet.  This picture shows my snowshoe trail down to the buried compost bin, and the next shows my snowshoes.




Finally, I would like to share the hidden beauty of the light blue glow from deep snow holes and crevices.


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7 thoughts on “Snow Season—Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I love the photos with the sliver of light on the horizon. Beautiful, but stark. Can you imagine what it was like to live there long ago in the snow and freezing temperatures? I’ve never worn snowshoes. You’re getting quite a workout!

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    1. I sometimes wonder about that–times past in the cold. At least we get up in the morning to a relatively warm house even with the temperature turned down at night. In the past someone would have to get up in freezing cold, split wood and start a fire. And yes, it’s been quite an active week…preparing me for spring gardening 🙂

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    1. It’s been wise to bundle up when looking at my photos lately 🙂 glad you are staying warm and cosy. The sun makes so much of a difference in winter transforming whites and greys to dazzling white.

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