Even sun stars die

Smooth talkers deny,
Half truths milked to high heaven,
Designed to mislead.

We can drain oil wells,
 We can't smooth over this truth,
 Even sun stars die.

I feel a bit stern after writing these haiku, but these are thoughts, related to a major theme of Ontheland,  that came up for me when I considered Ronovan Writes’ prompt words: ‘milk’ and ‘smooth’.  In the second haiku, I used ‘drain’ as a synonym for ‘milk’ in its meaning: ‘to deplete or consume’.  Please follow the prompt link to discover more responses in the 84th week of RonovanWrites Haiku Prompt Challenge.

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22 thoughts on “Even sun stars die

  1. Your ‘smooth talkers’ haiku paints a perfect picture of deliberate half-truths and hidden intentions. I think many of those in positions of power fit that psychological description. The second haiku is a chilling warning. Wonderful duo, Janice.

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      1. That’s true that Artic cold we had reminded me of growing up in Ottawa. My enthusiasm was echoing in my ears today when I discovered we got at least a couple of feet of snow..and it was sticky this morning. I’ve been shovelling all day practically!

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      2. Thanks! When I wrote that I didn’t realize the temp was going to drop again! Quite a roller coaster– more cleanup today even though it is supposed to rain on Saturday –don’t want it all melting near the foundation–quite a workout.

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  2. I love love this line: “Half truths milked to high heaven” then the harsher echos in the second haiku, oil (vs. milk) and sun star (vs. heaven).

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  3. Wow Janice you have really gone deep with these two. So relevant to the US primaries. The first one kicks the candidates out of the hustings and the second one hammers reality into their brains although I am sure Trump would have an irrational reply to it.

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