Time stands still

Time stares,
never blinking,
relentless, unyielding.
Ancient rivers wear down rock beds,
Tides ebb,
then flow, with sun and moon cycles,
Yet, in your true heart hold,
enduring time
stands still.

In response to the Secretkeeper Weekly Writing Prompt #23: ‘stare, river, hold, true, wear’. My chosen form is a butterfly cinquain.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “Time stands still

  1. What amazement I feel experiencing the reading of your Butterfly Cinquain. It is a treasure of philosophical and spiritual insight. It penetrates the mind while it is releasing time from our confinement and once again we can allow to believe in Time’s Infinite Undimensions. We live in Cycles, always returning, more often then we might actually think or realize. Your poem is marvelously mind-expanding. I feel like a student of philosophy back in college. The debates of Time and the Universe the best mind blowing discussions. This encompasses that and so much more. I say Wow! Very Cool! – jk

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    1. Thanks Jenn. Sounds like you had some great discussions in college. I don’t remember touching on those topics in school but they certainly interest me now !


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