Cocoa gems

Cocoa fruit, courtesy of

White cocoa pod fruit,
Cradles love gems from the Gods,
Flame to perfection.

Cocoa fruit and dried cocoa beans courtesy of

Today’s haiku is about cocoa beans, discovered by Mayans and Aztecs to have aphrodisiac properties, thousands of years ago. The Mayans considered cocoa to be ‘food of the Gods.’  Thirty to fifty cocoa beans are embedded in the white sweet-and-sour fruit pulp of a cocoa pod.  After extraction, they are dried and roasted before processing. Today, our favourite cocoa bean product is chocolate.

If you would like a better sense of the white interior of cocoa pods, watch the first part of this video:  The Journey from Wild Cacao to Sweet Chocolate.

Thank you to Ronovan of RonovanWrites for this week’s prompt words: ‘gem’ and ‘flame’. Follow the link to find his Challenge #83 post and other haiku entries. I predict a Valentine’s Day and love trend in our haiku this week.

7 thoughts on “Cocoa gems

    1. It was a learning experience for me too. I was reading about chocolate for Valentine’s Day and I saw those white gems and read about the Mayans all around the same time as Ronovan’s prompt came out. Haiku is a fun way to express.

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