A morning surprise

On Saturday morning, when I pulled back the curtain, I was greeted by a world of white falling snow.  We had been going through a fake spring, with warmer temperatures and very little snow on the ground.  I was prompted to write a short poem and take a few pictures.

Fresh snow, white world,
Christmas card cedar boughs
Rubbing my eyes, I laugh: ‘First snow’



©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “A morning surprise

    1. Thank you. That’s an interesting observation about the white border. It is nice. Photos come up with a look of their own. For me I was a bit disappointed by how dark the trees looked in the pictures — maybe they are dark in reality in the grey lighting but I didn’t see them that way.


    1. Thanks 🙂 the fluctuations are crazy–and the climate change thing is a downer that needs to be uttered to be recognized–the urge to forget it is as strong as recent surges of awareness–that I like to think are emerging.

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