World’s Largest Solar Bridge: Blackfriars in London

For me, the golden and azure tones in this photo of the Blackfriars Solar Bridge, over the River Thames in London, creates an aura of hope for humanity’s transition to clean renewable energy.

Lemanshots–Fine Pictures and Digital Art is the creator of this stunning photo. Please take a moment to visit her blog to show your appreciation. If you are not familiar with her work (thousands are) you may wish to browse.

The Blackfriars Solar Bridge opened in January 2014. Holding 4400 photovoltaic panels on its roof, Blackfriars is the largest solar bridge in the world. The energy captured by its panels contributes one-half of the power used by Blackfriars Station.

I feature images of renewable energy projects, as symbols and signs of what can be done to transform our world. Transition to clean, fossil-free energy sources is our present and future.


lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


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