Ice snow panorama—[a poem]

I took this photo and wrote this poem in early January. The snow was a thin frozen layer that morning.


a fresh panorama,
a shimmering lake of glass,
where green grass once bristled.
Billowing morning clouds
 reflected in glistening white.
A lonely island of trees,
shivering in dawn light.

crunches and breaks as I punch down,
creating a path of foot holes.
Thin slabs of ice
conjure hand-hewn snow houses,
'Great for an igloo,'
 I ponder wistfully.

Easy to navigate for human feet,
not for tiny paws that slip-slide,
 stumbling into sharp edges.
My shovel catches and I heave,
overwhelmed by its frozen weight.

White panorama,
Reflecting sky, hugging ground,
in a crisp embrace.

©2016, All rights reserved by

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