Winter sunshine fuels my optimism–Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Optimistic’:

This week’s photo challenge host, Krista, invited us to show what ‘helps you stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life…throws your way.’  We have had a stretch of cloudy winter days lately, so I immediately thought of the hope that moments of sunshine bring to my life.  When the sun shines my mood goes up a notch and I am more likely to take photos.  I’ve collected three pictures to show:  first  is an example of a cloudy moment–I took the picture because I enjoyed the clouds, but I was wishing for more light.  The next two pictures were taken, within seconds of each other, closer to the house.  I believe the paw prints are rabbit prints, but please correct me if you know otherwise.

After I selected the photos, I made a discovery: they were all taken on the same day (Thursday)–the clouds cleared 40 minutes after the first  photo was taken.  Now if that isn’t a reason to be optimistic I don’t know what is.




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