Hyperloop–RonovanWrites challenge #80


Hyperloop Elon Musk/Public Domain

solarpowered train


faster than the wind


 Hyperloop Elon Musk/Public Domain

Elon Musk, business executive,engineer, and investor, known in connection with Tesla Motors, Solar City, and SpaceX, came up with a new form of transportation that could replace trains, cars, and airplanes for commutes between cities less than 1000 miles apart.  Called ‘Hyperloop’, it would reach speeds over 750 mph and would run on solar energy.  A trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco would be about 35 minutes. What a concept!  He released detailed plans to the public in 2013, to facilitate project design and development.
My haiku was written in response to RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge #80. The prompt words were ‘style’ and ‘fresh’, and  I used synonyms: ‘mode’ and ‘new’.  For other takes on the prompts, please visit RonovanWrites at the link above.

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15 thoughts on “Hyperloop–RonovanWrites challenge #80

      1. Yes it is slow. Almost feels like curling…you know how they keep brushing the ice to keep their rock (think that’s what they call it) moving…and then there are elections…we came through fairly well in Canada… But who knows what the outcome will be in the US.

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    1. Well I actually heard some talk on the radio yesterday about hyperloop, the pneumatic tube they called it..apparently they are going into a testing phase. Maybe someday it’ll come to Florida 🙂

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