Ice dreams–Ronovan’s Challenge #79

The haiku I am posting today is in response to Ronovan’s prompts: ‘crystal’ and ‘hope’. We recently had heavy rainfall, followed by  temperatures below zero degrees centigrade.  Portions of land around the house flooded and then froze into large patches of ice. With ice on my mind, I wrote this haiku.

Skater on Rummelsburg Bay, Berlin. CC0 Public Domain, courtesy
Skater on Rummelsburg Bay, Berlin. CCO Public Domain

Ice shines crystal clear,
Skater glides on smooth expanse,
Dreams and reflections.

To read more haiku using these prompt words, please visit RonovanWrites to enjoy the creativity of challenge participants. The challenge is open to one and all–posted on Mondays and closes by noon on Sunday.

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24 thoughts on “Ice dreams–Ronovan’s Challenge #79

  1. A beautiful haiku Janice and so followed through with the image. I don’t know which of your cold weather or the 42 o C day we had yesterday is the more extreme. maybe both say global warming. With us especially when today the top temp was 18 oC. This swing of extremes is wildly abnormal with us.Yesterday air conditioner tonight heater.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 certainly your heat sounds extreme. I’d melt in that. Our cold is not extreme for us–overall, this Fall and winter have been warmer than usual — and we’ve had weather fluctuations all year. Certainly looks like global warming. They say average global temperatures last year were at a record level and that this year the average may be even higher. This is also an El Niño year–not sure what role that plays.


      1. Did it all the time when a kid. Then turned to roller skates inside. Now not anymore. I must say though the glassy ice would be perfect. Afraid I don’t like the cold much. Prefer Spring in the Green Mountains.

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      2. Although there is much beauty in winter, it is not my favourite season–cold, dry indoor heating, slippery roads and fields can take their toll.


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