Let’s fly around the sun again


Let's fly around the sun again,
Axis spins elliptical path,
Motion unfelt yet seasons seen,
charting time on radiant way.

Bending time, sun-up calls sunset,
Let's fly around the sun again,
Tiny seeds fresh ideas lift,
Hope reborn overcomes despair.

Memories speaking truths revealed,
Nature's voice expounds in thunder,
Let's fly around the sun again,
Open our eyes, see where we are.

Circling light on a fragile sphere,
Reality murmurs from space
Echoing urgent calls below
Let's fly around the sun again.


'Round the sun, let's fly around again
past stars, diamonds and meteors,
swooshing faster than the wind,
drinking rays of light and
warmth to nourish all
Let's go again,
Let's circle
'round the


The first poem is  a quatern in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #12.  The second, is a nonet that I posted about a week ago with my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Circle’.  It was the first line of this poem that I used for the refrain in the quatern. The second poem may feel a little more lighthearted than the first, but the message in the first lingers behind the second (for me at least).

 Here are the guidelines that Jane Dougherty offers for writing a quatern.  Please follow the link above to read her poem and find links to other responses to the challenge in the Comments.

A quatern, if you didn’t already know is a poem of sixteen lines divided into four stanzas with a refrain that changes place in each stanza . The only other rules are:

Each line must have eight syllables

The first line (the refrain) becomes the second line of the second stanza, third line of the third and last line of the completed poem.

There are no restrictions on rhyme or metre…

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “Let’s fly around the sun again

  1. oh wow these two poems are real gems. They create such gorgeous images that are indelibly inked on my mind and it has grabbed hold of my imagination so ferociously that I fear they will never let me go until I compose something with them…This is why I love your poems. They inspire me! (and I learn new forms too) Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that is strong praise especially from a poet. Thank you Melinda. :)) and of course credit for the forms and prompts goes to Jane Dougherty who puts much thought into her weekly challenges.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes she does! I have read others poems written for the same challenge 🙂 she draws such wonderful stuff out of you all! You’re welcome Janice. I’m not really a poet; I just masquerade as one on wordpress. 😉 I generally write reams of prose, which is slowly showing up on my site, but thank you for the compliment!


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