New year reflections–Ronovan’s Challenge #77


Ronovan’s haiku prompts this week are ‘new’ and ‘year’ –obvious perhaps, but not really, when caught up with life’s activities– these words dragged me out of preoccupations such as cookie making, cookie eating, seasonal blues, road trips, kicking a touch of flu, and so on, into a reflective ‘end-of-the-year zone’.   As the year ends, I find myself appreciating the time I have spent participating in this haiku community– which has been every week since I first joined in July  at prompt #52.  This week I have written a Troiku that is  based on a haiku using the prompt words (in red).  You’ll notice that the closing stanza is also a haiku using the prompt words.

Earth's orbit complete,
Tired year almost over,
New ventures glimmer.
Earth's orbit complete,
Our journey measured in months,
We circled the sun.
Tired year almost over,
Looking back we sigh,
Time's flow is relentless.
New ventures glimmer
in year's embers, hope ignites,
fresh dreams inspire.


Happy New Year!

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12 thoughts on “New year reflections–Ronovan’s Challenge #77

  1. Koniec starego roku to czas podsumowań, jednak Ty nie skupiaj się na tym to minęło, a ciesz się ty, co może Ci przynieść Nowy Rok. Wejdź w niego radośnie, pełen nadziei i dobrych myśli. Niech w tym szczególnym dniu otaczają Cię najbliżsi, niech staną się niewyczerpanym źródłem siły na każdy dzień Nowego 2016 Roku. 🙂

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  2. Hello Janice! The year isn’t the only thing that’s tired. Ha, ha! It’s been a very busy season for me. I loved every minute of it though. Beautiful and inspiring Troiku! Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is your greatest year yet. 😀 xx

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