Snowstorm–Jane Dougherty’s Challenge #10: Tritina

A sudden storm hurling snow,
Dark clouds shielding starlight,
Crystal swirls forever rushing.
Headlights strain, forbidding rushing,
Unless I wish to die in snow,
I sit tall and pray for starlight.
Kind street lamps mimic starlight,
Showing road past flurries rushing,
At last I see through veils of snow.
Dancing snow, enchanting starlight,no need for rushing.

This poem is in Tritina form as prompted by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge.  A Tritina features repetition of the  three end words in the first stanza (here: snow, starlight, and rushing).  Repetition must be done in a specific pattern.  To read more about this form, please follow the challenge link above.  To assist with the challenge, Jane offered a few end word options, including the one I chose (snow, starlight, and rushing).


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16 thoughts on “Snowstorm–Jane Dougherty’s Challenge #10: Tritina

    1. Thanks Jane. Your prompt words for the line endings really helped–first, conjuring the memory of a recent night drive in blinding snow and second, helping maintain the discipline of the form–using prescribed words at the end of each line.


      1. I find that the shift comes naturally as the word order changes thus changing the syntax, especially in more complex forms that force you to really play with language to fit the form’s constraint.


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