Haiku moments

December snowfall

White carpet glistens,
Bathing in winter sunlight,
At noon, dressed in green.

I’ll be home for Christmas

Many years later,
I mourn for what was hidden,
For those I have lost.

Full cold moon

Round silvery orb,
Rare morning gift from above,
Full cold Christmas moon.

The next full moon to peak on Christmas day is predicted for 2034.  The last one was in 1977.  A December full moon is known as a ‘Full cold moon’ or ‘Full long nights moon’.

©2015, all rights reserved by ontheland.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “Haiku moments

  1. Beautiful haiku Janice capturing this unique performance by the moon, the middle one is rich in interpretations. We also had the full moon and it was anything but cold. At 3.00 am with the temp at 30 o C as I walked Charlie around the yard the light was brilliant.

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    1. Thank you Denis for your compliment and insight. Thrilled to hear you had the full moon too–my head gets all muddled when I try to understand the rotation and alignment of the earth, sun and moon. 🙂


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