Nightshade kingdom–a poem


August grasshopper,
solitary herbivore
in his prime 
 bears wings and armour,
ready for flight.

Lingering in succulence
of nightshade green, 
 listening for faint murmurs,
 wispy spider threads, 
hunger on feathered wings.

He is confident,
yet not egotistical,
knows where he needs to be
Neither lost nor alone,
standing tall,
disinclined to cower.

Pepper leaves,
 his chosen lookout,
dining table and throne,
offer delicious areolae,
laced with poison sure to
 weaken an intruder. 
Few dare to devour his kingdom.

My poem is in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #90, a new type of challenge for me, which required incorporating 10 out of 12 prompt words into a poem.

I have italicized the following prompt words or prompt synonyms:

prime (zenith), nightshade, faint (vague), murmurs, egotistical (narcissist), lost, cower (obsequious), table, areolae (areola), weaken (etoliate).

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