Diamonds in Space–Jane Dougherty Challenge

Diamond particles in space (Credit: NASA/JPL Caltech/T. Pyle/SSC SPL)
Diamond particles in space (Credit: NASA/JPL Caltech/T. Pyle/SSC SPL)

Spitzer’s Discovery

stars light darkness
clouds drift, moon passes by
bats rush upwards past snowy owl
Night watchers map constellations,
seeking gods and answers
beyond our realm
in space,
crystal jewels,
smaller than grains of sand,
dance in Heaven, surrounded by
nanodiamonds fly unseen,
gleaming carbon atoms,
Earth’s Life mother

Scientists pursuing,
secrets of the cosmos,
signs of life beyond earth,
spot diamonds floating,
space gems bouncing, between
stars, bathing in their light,
singing of lost planets.

Starlight radiates,
telescope’s infrared eye
detects diamonds.

 This poem collection is in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #10.  Her prompt this week was the amazing image posted above.  I was curious about the image’s origins.  It  is an artist’s rendering of diamond particles floating  in space, only detectable by an infrared telescope (discovered with NASA’s Spitzer Space telescope).  More details about this may be found on the NASA website.

The challenge allowed us to use any form of choice.  The first poem is a double Butterfly Cinquain, the second is a Pleiades, and the third is a Haiku.

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18 thoughts on “Diamonds in Space–Jane Dougherty Challenge

  1. Wow! Really wonderful set of poems! I also love that the second format you chose is named for a star cluster (that is named for the sisters of Greek mythology)–very clever! Thank you for the extra details about the image, too.

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