Moods of the Season: Ronovan’s Challenge #75


Nature in drab dress,

Another year nears its end,

Christmas lights bring cheer.

Lighted tree, CCO Public Domain, via
Lighted tree, CCO Public Domain, via

My haiku is in response to Ronovan’s prompts: ‘charm’ & ‘look’.  As usual, the name of the game is to use the prompt words or their synonyms in a haiku (or related form of poetry). Please visit RonovanWrites to  learn more about this poetry challenge and to find links to other contributions.

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12 thoughts on “Moods of the Season: Ronovan’s Challenge #75

  1. Naked trees aren’t as bad looking as most human’s think. They have a certain aesthetic look about the,when we are able to see their dancing branches in the wind. I’ve always enjoyed observing trees without the leaves. I find their nakedness beautiful and revealing. Shows guts to stand tall without a covering. Your second tree is spiritual in its glowing glory. It almost transcends. The lights seem invisible to me, so it appears the glow comes from within. How marvelous. Your Haiku describes what most see, an ending, but I’d say the tree is taking time off for a vacation. We use the tree for our celebration. I would suppose the tree would as long as it isn’t one that is cut off before its had time ro fulfill its many fantasies of its wished for years ahead. I like potted pines I can plant in the Spring. Now they are a tree tha doesn’t go naked. They must have been nred to be modest. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Hope you didn’t mind my diatribe or whatever it was. – jk 😀

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    1. I don’t mind at all 🙂 part of me resisted ‘insulting’ the tree’s appearance. There is a lot of beauty in their winter silhouettes. Even though beauty can be found at this time of year after the riot of colours and before the glisten of snow and ice in the sun..and beauty can be found in the sadness of endings..I was trying to touch on the sad dreary aspect.. In fact I wanted to say dreary dress but too many syllables. I think it’s no coincidence that several cultures have festivals of light at this time of year– I think it’s been needed to lift the spirits and for light– not so abundant in the past before electricity. Around here I feel gratitude for Christmas light decorated houses (despite energy consumption) as they light my way on dark cold rural roadways. Thanks for the opportunity to converse about this 🙂

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      1. It is a great topic. Trees are amongst my many loves of nature. Snow is beautiful with warmth surrounding one. Don’t want to drive in it. But the falling down gracefully of large flakes is more beautiful than most anything. We get the colors in Fall. But Spring carries the keenest separation of the varieties of the color green. I love black and white films and the monochromatic look of winter fits the scenery of a good film noir. Dreary isn’t a bad word at all to describe some days of winter and naked trees when one has to go in a cold brisk wind to just get to the car quick enough to turn it on and turn off the bluster of the whipping blistering gusts.

        Light is what is needed. I love Christmas lights. We keep some of the small ones up in the living room all year round. It is festive. But to see homes decorated [just one time a year we must let go of the energy issues]. It’s important for some to have bright lights to keep from being or getting depressed. So light delights the eyes of the soul with illumination, shining a reflective feeling of what’s good back to us.\

        This is a good discussion. And you are brave to take on the challenge of the dark cold rural roadways. I use to do the walk at night at least mostly in the warmer times of the year. Even then it could be a touch scary. -jk 🙂

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      2. I would think walking down a dark roadway might be more daunting than driving…I have the urban attitudes around security as I have lived in a big city most of my life. I enjoy the effects of tiny lights too– so much more amazing these days with LEDs. There is a park not so far away–actually where I have taken my Lake Ontario shots, that has a wonderful light display mostly in the branches of ‘naked’ trees– it’s a huge panoramic display. Happy holiday wishes to you too ❄️🎄⛄️

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      3. Sounds like you live in a great location. I live a three minute walk to a lake. Have two parks between our house and the lake. Only one neighbor’s home on our street. I get to watch trains go by. We are a small town with a well known college up the hill from our village. And we are a beautiful set of waterfalls going downstream about a block and a half away. It is quiet and knock on wood safe. However a very drunk person last year broke into our home after trying the neighbors. They called the police. I slept through it all. My partner sleeps light and found him standing over me while I was sleeping. She told me there was a knock at the door. It was the police who politely took him away. We didn’t want to see him go to prison but he was given a restraining order never to be in our area and neighborhood again. We are grown ups but our neighbor’s have a young daughter. I was freaking out for awhile. We reinforced out locks. We never locked our doors before that. Now we check each night to be sure we are locked in for the night. We feed skunks on our porch.That is how friendly we are and close we are with nature. One of the other villages ran into my partner walking down our road and they had a great talk. She thought it was great we fed the wildlife, especially the skunks. I even named them. I am over the break in. It wasn’t malicious. He didn’t have a clue where he was. His friends dropped him off and told him to find something or someone. Who knows. He was incoherent. Sp even the rural country isn’t always fool proof or safety proof. I like at least one light left on all night. Don’t like the dark that much unless I’m trying to sleep. Then I like it with sound off and just a small touch of light or I cover my eyes with a mask.

        Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016!

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      4. Sounds like you live in a wonderful location. Very kind of you to not push for incarceration. I would have been terrified–actually I would hope to wake up in such a situation– once woke up when alone in a basement apartment and heard someone trying to open the window from the outside…I growled and he left to harass at the buzzer. Got to go now. Take care.

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