About Peace and People–Uncle Spike’s message from Turkey

There are so many ways that we are informed these days. What we hear, see and absorb depends on a variety of factors. I am quite moved when I read this straight forward post from Uncle Spike in Turkey, in which he reports on the plight of Syrian refugees. I am touched by the vast numbers of people displaced within Syria, fleeing Syria, and seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. I am also moved by the compassion and concern shown by Uncle Spike and another blogger who he quotes.

Uncle Spike's Adventures

Like any conflict on the world stage, everyone of us has very personal views, and the situation in Syria is no different. This post isn’t about political debate; that’s not my thing. But however you want to look at it though, ordinary people are yet again the victims of brutal oppression, war, and terrorism on a scale hardly imaginable.

There are 4 million Syrian refugees outside of the country, 2 million of which are in Turkey, and 7.6 million internally displaced. The war just entered its fifth year, so far claiming the lives of around 250,000 civilians. 
See “Travelin’ Kait” below for attribution of this quote

We have so many refugees living on the streets here in Türkiye. To put the numbers into perspective, we have a refugee population that equates to over half the population of Ireland, Norway, or New Zealand, or that which would exceed the entire populous of countries…

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