Nesting Instincts–a poem

Frogs in window well,
how innocently they fell
to a dungeon deep,
held captive by walls so steep.

Turtles’ nest on road,
not safe for any abode,
By the creek, high and dry,
she laid her eggs where trucks go by.

Nest in cedar tree,
what flaw did birds not foresee?
Robust bushy spot,
growing in a transplant pot.

Rabbit brood nestled,
tucked into shrubs they nuzzled,
until a loud tread
shook their driveway border bed.

How humans collide
with natural agendas,
we seem out of sync.


I had the images for this poem scribbled down, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to shape them into a poem.  The answer came with the launch of a new poem form, called a ‘freku’, by Ronovan of RonovanWrites. (The above link will take you to Gasps of Breath, Ronovan’s first freku, which links to another post describing the form in detail).

If I understand correctly, a freku consists of two parts.  The first part has an optional number of four-line stanzas, with each pair of lines rhyming (AA-BB-CC-DD and so on).  The second part is a haiku which, in some way, captures the essence of the preceding poem.


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