December 6 Remembrance


Women and men pause,

Remembering our sisters,

Renews our resolve.

Twenty-six years ago, on December 6, 1989, fourteen young engineering students, all women, were separated from the male students and gunned down at L’École Polytechnique in Montreal. I can remember the shock, sadness and anger surrounding the event as if it was yesterday–yet I also feel the weight of the decades that have passed since. As awareness of violence against women seems to build, the occurrence of violence doesn’t seem to diminish.   December 6 is a Canadian National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

Sadly, violence against women is a global issue. The United Nations’ International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women was on November 25.  On this day an ‘Orange the World’ campaign was launched: 16 days of education and activism against gender-based violence.  The campaign ends on December 10, International Human Rights Day.

9 thoughts on “December 6 Remembrance

    1. I’m enjoying following your blog too! There are so many stories of violence against women across Canada and worldwide–the December 6 tragedy was so publicized that it became an official day of mourning and resolve to keep on combatting the problem– one flower in the rubble.

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    1. Yes it is a particular thread or genre of violence that would like to continue undetected. Ironically it was a mass slaughter against strangers that galvanized Canada into creating a National Day.


      1. Doesn’t surprise me. I get just a little bit irritated with some of the (male) victims of discrimination, when they shout very loudly about their own situation, but don’t accept that women deserve to be treated as their equals. Even the underdogs have double standards.

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