Black & White–Ronovan’s Challenge #73

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Once again Ronovan has come up with some interesting prompt words: ‘black & white’.  My first two efforts use ‘black’ and ‘white’, and the final two use the synonym images of  ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ in the contexts of emotion and morality.


Black and white

combine to make grey

shades of truth

Black or white?

Difficult to choose

half of truth.


Mired in muddy

melancholy, my heart’s

window becomes clear.

Black Mark

Only perfection

allows any black mark to

destroy a clean slate.

For more information about this haiku challenge and links to other submissions, please visit RonovanWrites.

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16 thoughts on “Black & White–Ronovan’s Challenge #73

    1. Thank you Denis. I wasn’t pulled into nature this time but I see that others have done a great job at that. I look forward to seeing what you came/come up with.


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