Gazing at sunset sky–a poem

The other day I wrote a circular poem about gazing at a sunset and seeing a cloud arrow.  There were aspects of that experience that I didn’t manage to capture, so this is ‘take 2’ using another form called a ‘troiku’

A troiku starts with a base haiku, followed by three more, each starting with a line from the base poem.  You can read about how the troiku originated in the launch post by  Chevrèfeuille.

Sunset captivates,
Mind surrenders in awe,
Cloud paintings drift by.

Sunset captivates,
Calls me to view its display,
Flashing red on grey.

Mind surrenders in awe,
A moment of oneness unfolds,
Into joy's gentle caress.

Cloud paintings drift by,
A mysterious arrow
Slowly disappears.

©2015, all rights reserved by

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