Cloud Arrow in Sunset Sky



It was a cloud arrow,
low on the horizon,
spun of wispy fluff,
enough to awaken,
forsaken heart searching,
lurching for a window. 
Pillow song,
long unheard, hovering, 
floating in sunset sky.
Fly this way it said, 
fed by the last glow of orange light, 
bright orb sun sinking, 
thinking only of its bed, 
tended by billows, 
haloes of grey blanket. 
It was a cloud arrow.


This was my first circular poem attempt, prompted by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #7 and the cloud arrow seen out my back door. A circular poem is an interesting form, though challenging without practice. ( I assume it gets easier.)  As described by Jane Dougherty, “The last word of the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on until you end up back at your first line”.  Please visit the above link to read Jane Dougherty’s example and other submissions to the challenge.

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12 thoughts on “Cloud Arrow in Sunset Sky

  1. This is truly lovely! I remember writing a poem recently with the similar rule of rhyming the last work, I will try to find it…I don’t think it was a circular poem however with the first and last line the same…full circle. But you went beyond the rules, you let it flow like there are no rules. Just beautiful! If you like you could put this as the first part and your haiku added after…I do that sometime…a free verse or another form and then add a haiku…it seems to seal the deal (my thoughts).

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