Friday Fact Feature–Moon’s Atmosphere

Happy Friday! On Fridays for the next while, I will be featuring a fact, a blog, or both. We’ll see how it goes. Today I came across a fact that tickled my interest:

The moon has no atmosphere to shield it from the sun’s heat or to retain the sun’s warmth–this means that during the day it is very hot, at about 100° C and at night it is very cold at about -150°C.

I guess I knew there was no oxygen on the moon, but I had never thought about temperature.  This ‘fact’ came from Stephen Leahy’s article, Global Warming Explained in 60 Seconds or Less.  In this very short post, he uses his skills as an award-winning environmental journalist, to provide a clear explanation of global warming. His description of temperatures in an atmosphere-free environment provides an excellent contrast to the situation here on earth where we have many atmospheric gases.

I’ll say no more, except: having a clear understanding of the relationship between extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming could be useful, as conversations about climate change pick up at home, on television, and at work–especially in December, when the Paris Climate talks take the stage.

Stephen Leahy is based near Toronto, Ontario.  His most recent honour was to receive the Lane Anderson Award for the best science writing in Canada in 2014–for his book: Your Water Footprint:  The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use To Make Everyday Products.  For his writeup on this book, see his post,  Best Science Book of the Year: Your Water Footprint.  I’ve added this book to my Amazon wish list.

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