Crane Lovers: Ronovan’s Challenge #70–‘Crane’ & ‘Gold’

Umezawa Manor in Soshu by Katsushika, Hokusai, 1833
                                               Umezawa Manor in Soshu by Katsushika, Hokusai, 1833

Crane Lovers

Unfurled wings, stretching

for halcyon days, loyal

partners forever.

Thanks to Ronovan for his prompts ‘crane’ and ‘gold’ and links to optional  synonyms. To read his challenge post and find links to more haiku entries, please visit RonovanWrites.

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9 thoughts on “Crane Lovers: Ronovan’s Challenge #70–‘Crane’ & ‘Gold’

    1. Thank you. I’m impressed that you know the artist. I found it for inspiration and do appreciate its beauty despite the age marks. It was made available in digital form by the Library of Congress.

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      1. We love the C19th Japanese woodblock print artists. I have seen a lot of his work in the National Art Museum in Tokyo. I also have books on him. A late friend of ours collected original prints including some Hokusai when he was in the occupation army in the later 1940’s. His wife still has them.

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