Friday Friends: It’s all about Expression, Connection, Fixation…and Love.

This Friday I am reblogging a post by Alka Girdhar, author of Magnanimous Word.  In response to a Daily Post prompt: “Why do You Blog?”, she wrote a poem that I both enjoy and can relate to.  Her title, ‘It’s all about expression, connection, fixation…and love’,  provides the most direct answer to the question: “Why blog?”. The poem itself is less direct, speaking in the language of poetry–perhaps the best way to address a difficult question. Please visit her site to read the whole poem and to let her know if you enjoyed it.

Magnanimous Word

It’s very simple. The reason why I blog.

It’s the reason why cave-men wrote their scripts on cave walls.  And the reason why a graffiti-artist takes it out on roadside walls.  And the reason why a toddler speaks his first words at mother’s call.

The reason why a dancer cannot stop herself from dancing.  And the reason why a fine voice just cannot restrain from singing.  And the reason why a foody hogs on food to the point of binging.

The reason why sun comes out each day, to bless and kiss us all.  And the reason why the morning birds chirp and pour out their heart.  And the reason why I feel a need to talk and talk and talk.

The reason a social-activist fights for a cause, giving her all.  And the reason why a scientist seeks truth and light, renouncing wealth and all. And the reason people fall…

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