Halloween Fun: Hugh’s Photo Challenge #3 – What lurks in the shadows?

Thanks to Hugh’s Views and News I can indulge in some Halloween fun by participating in Week 3 of  Hugh’s new Photo ChallengeThe theme is ‘What lurks in the shadows?’ and the challenge is to show something that we find creepy.  I chose two scenarios–the first, slightly creepy, to shelter the post from the other thing that I find extremely creepy.

My first picture is a haunted house with a gnarly tree keeping watch. Nobody gets out of there alive.


And now, brace yourself:

Eyes unblinking gleam,

Coldly watching and ready,

To pounce on its prey.


©2015, All rights reserved by ontheland.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun: Hugh’s Photo Challenge #3 – What lurks in the shadows?

  1. Great photos Janice. Is that house really haunted? It looks like it is, especially with that creepy tree outside. The way the light has thrown the shadow of the tree on the side of the house does make it a really creepy photo.

    I took a photo of one of my eyes once and used it as the feature for one of my short stories. Readers said it made the story even creepier. 👁

    Thank you for participating in the photo challenge.


    1. Thanks for checking out my photos.👀(I had to check out the emoticons when I saw your eye )
      I imagine the house is haunted but wouldn’t dare go in, but actually I took the picture a few months ago at the time of the Daily Post Creepy challenge –didn’t use it then–at dusk, with the tree and taking it an angle so the house appears to be on a hill made it look scary I thought. A large eye pic as a feature would have been quite ominous ! Happy Halloween!

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