Emerging Wind and Solar Landscapes–#S-L Week 13

Energized by Sylvain Landry’s photo challenge, week 13, ‘Ecology’ theme, I have gathered a few photos documenting Ontario’s emerging wind turbine and solar panel landscapes. There are many other scenes not reflected here, such as fields of solar panels, visible from highways; panels on stands and rooftops on residential properties;  almost one hundred turbines on St Lawrence Seaway island farmlands; and large land-based wind farms.  The building of renewable energy infrastructure in Ontario, particularly wind turbines, has not been without controversy and intense legal battles.  I feel sad when I think that perhaps some individuals are being trampled on for the common good, ie our transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.  I hope that governments play a leadership role in identifying locations for projects that provide the least environmental interference possible –taking into account wildlife, waters, soil, vegetation, and humans.  Ideally we would have a plan–just as we have official plans for building and development.

These are Sunday morning reflections.  If I come across more information about these concerns, I will let you know.

Eastern Ontario Farmland
Wind Turbines and Solar Panels in Loyalist Township, Ontario


For more Ecology-themed photos, please visit  S-L Week 13.   The featured image is an amazing, artistic view of a gigantic wind turbine, posted by Sylvain Landry, photographer.

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5 thoughts on “Emerging Wind and Solar Landscapes–#S-L Week 13

    1. Thank you. I am a subscriber–I certainly will join in again if the topic fits into my life in a rural area..and my main interest in nature…I am actually more of a writer than a photographer but I do like taking and appreciating pictures. I certainly like the way you have set up your challenge allowing people time for each theme😊

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