‘Love song to the earth’ —#sharethelovesong

'Love song to the earth' you're our
Anthem, letter, pop star choir,
Tell us, we won't chafe,
How do we keep this planet safe?
Tell the truth, what must transpire?

2 degrees global warming almost here today,
Rising coastal floods taking homes away,
Droughts, wildfires,
Military strife, hunger pyres,
Nations cry: 'Keep climate change at bay'.

People everywhere show eco smarts,
Conserve and care for earth with eager hearts,
Companies going green,
Municipal action often seen,
Now's the time: Global leaders, please step up and do your part.

This multi-verse limerick was guided by the Day 4 prompt for Writing 201. The theme was ‘Imperfection’, the form was  limerick, and the poetic device suggestion was enjambment. The topic of this poem is ‘Love song to the earth’ released in September 2015. It’s an empowerment song, sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and Friends of the Earth U.S., to arouse and demonstrate public support for a bold consensus at the upcoming Paris Climate Talks. For a music video of ‘Love song to the earth’, please visit my October 7 Writers Quote Wednesday–BeWoW post or visit the official website.

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