Tournier Morning— Ronovan’s Prompt #65: Harp & Clear

Golden notes cascade,

Shimmer luminosity,

Magical harp song.


imageThis post was written in response to Ronovan Writes Monday Haiku Challenge #65.  To read more haiku using the prompt words “Harp” and “Clear”, please  visit Ronovan’s  Prompt Post.  There he explains how to participate; participants post links to their haiku contributions in the Comments section.   On Sunday, October 11, visit RonovanWrites for a Roundup with links to all entries, plus an informative and entertaining review. 

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11 thoughts on “Tournier Morning— Ronovan’s Prompt #65: Harp & Clear

    1. I have to admit I am not very familiar with Esther Williams so I am not sure if you are speaking metaphorically of her grace and beauty perhaps or whether she was literally associated with harp soundtracks?


      1. Thank you! That is quite a video.. I like the animated turtle and the water skiing episode..actually it’s quite a collage…I get the association now😊😊


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