Lake Ontario Excursion—Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Boundaries’

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

This week the Daily Post invited us to explore limits, borders, and dividers–real or  otherwise constructed.  I wanted to post before the end of the weekend and my one window of opportunity was Friday evening.  Already, after grocery shopping, sunset was fast approaching.  To take photos, I would have to challenge a looming boundary: the end of daylight.  I drove over to a nearby park, beside Lake Ontario, and found a physical boundary:


At the edge of the parking lot was a sign setting out park rules.  Park signs are often amusing, and this one was no exception, despite the importance of the message:


As I stepped into the park, I saw the tree–part was green and the other half was orange. I had come upon the border between summer and fall:


Nearby, three Canada geese were hanging out.  I am not afraid of geese, but I have heard they can be agressive if threatened.  I approached slowly so as to not annoy my subjects, carefully testing their boundaries. It looks like they were ignoring me:


My final shots were taken at 6:45 PM–already the sun was low on the horizon–sadly the long days of summer are over:


I hope you enjoyed this small excursion.  For more photo explorations of boundaries please visit The Daily Post.

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